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          This website was created by Delmer Rints and his wife Lise-Marie, who with the help of his new found cousins in England, Nick Rints and Kathleen Parfitt, compiled the original findings on the Rints Family genealogy.  In the summer of 2004 our site attracted the attention of Ad Huikeshoven from The Hague, Netherlands, who was researching his ancestor Anna Maria Rints, born in1809 in Venlo, Netherlands.  It turned out after extensive research by Ad that Anna Maria was a daughter of Egidius Rints, and traced our family back one more generation to Johan Rints the father of Egidius.  We are grateful to Ad for his efforts and pleased to know that we have family in the Netherlands.
           The majority of the Fisher Genealogy was taken from a Family Tree compiled in the 1980's by members of the Fisher and Cauthers Family Reunion.  Many thanks to those individuals and to those who have updated their family trees for me since then.

            To better understand the Family Tree and from where my Ancestors came from, born back as far as the 1600's, please click on the following.


        The following link takes you to the Rints and Fisher Family tree with 2163 individuals.  The website opens up with a Table of Contents, and if you click on "Pedigree Chart for William Arthur Rints" my grandfather, it opens up with a chart listing his ancestors that you will be able to work your way back to, or by clicking one of the names  in the Family Link Box, you will be able to will be able to track his descendants.
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          To open at a Pedigree Chart for any individual in our Family Tree, click on the Surname List and locate and click on the person to open the chart.


           The following are Descendant Charts for Children of Franciscus Hubertus Rints (1842-1909) and Isabella Brixey (1842-1898). The given names are listed for the Living individuals, however, the birth dates have been excluded.

Franciscus Antonius Rints (1869-1933)
Elizabeth Ida Rints (1871-1950)
Thomas Frederick Rints (1874-1917)
William Arthur Rints (1873-1924)

            The following are Descendant Charts for Children of William Fisher (1851-1933) and Mary Cauthers (1852-1924). The given names are listed for the Living individuals, however, the birth dates have been excluded.
Jane Ethel Fisher . (1879-1969)
Samuel James  Fisher (1882-1966)
Mary Cynthia Fisher (1885-1973)
Margaret Lucinda Fisher (1887-1950)
Reid Matthew Fisher (1889-1971)
John William Frederick Fisher (1891-1983)
Alfred Atchison Nixon Fisher (1893-1971)
Tyressa Beatrice Sweetman Fisher (1897-1999)
Viola Pearl Fisher (1907-1995)

The following is a chart for the Descendants of Robert Emmett (1831-1906) and Phoebe Carter (1838-1837).  They are the parents of my grandmother Phoebe Emmett (1878-1962) who married William Arthur Rints (1873-1924).

Descendants of Robert Emmett (1831-1906)

        Legacy 7.5 Family Tree software was used to compile the Rints and Fisher Family Tree. There are provisions in the software to customize various reports and charts, and suppress certain information included in the file. The above only lists the names of the living family members, however, the following information is recorded for each individual if available: Date and Location born, Date and Location Married, Date and Location died, Cemetery and location. For more information about Legacy Family Tree software, please refer to: www.legacyfamilytree.com

        There are many Genealogy Websites where the Rints and Fisher ancestors can be researched. Links to the three websites where I have uploaded some of the above  to are listed below. On these websites, the Birth dates, first names etc. for living individuals are suppressed, and the person is only shown as Living Rints or Living Fisher etc.  This was done with the hope that some unknown relatives would find the website and contact me.


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